Monday, 28 March 2011

I couldn't get warm last night.

I couldn't get warm last night because I had to keep getting out of bed to tend my little ones. Nightmares about peter rabbit being caught under the fence, general restlessness and lack of tiredness due to napping till 5pm meant I was up and down, up and down. When I finally got back into bed AGAIN the clock said 3am ... and I couldn't get warm! And then I found that I couldn't sleep, especially not with this horrid tune going round in my head (Elliott loves the blasted 'Chipmunks' at the moment). At least I have managed to make a new piece of work today whilst the boy has been napping ... watch out probably means another loooooong night!


  1. not getting warm... such an alien concept these days lol x

  2. It's alright for some Mrs.Madagascar!!!! One of the only things that I don't miss about Ghana is ... always having a few grains of sand in your bed however diligent you are with cleaning your feet!!! It's a hard life living in the sunshine huh!!!