Saturday, 5 March 2011

Inspiration list - Week nine

1. the beautiful narrative and amazing costume in the village
2. 'you are' by lionel ritchie for the memories of my brother
3. very thick yet moist chocolate cake topped with large buttons from the lickey hills cafe
4. marjane satrapi's persopolis again and again
5. old family photographs
7. crocuses
8. sanctuary body spray
9. bubba sparxxx 'deliverance' (I shouldn't but I just do!)
10. five fables from france by lee cooper with illustrations by charles keeping


  1. I have just spent the afternoon reading your incredibly beautiful blog. Your work is stunning and you now have another fan! x

  2. Thank you so much! I was just telling hubby how excited I am that I have another follower and I was telling him that I laughed out loud reading a couple of your posts!! I can't wait to get back there and read more, I had a poorly child today x