Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Women and Pancakes

As today is Pancake Day the boys and I happily indulged in a little making and eating. I actually got a bit ratty during the cooking process when Elliott appeared in the kitchen dragging a chair with one hand and throwing his pants in the air with the other, all whilst I was assisting Zach in a pancake flip .... who was also stood on a chair directly next to the hot stove! If I sound a bit jittery it's because Elliott woke me up at 5am today and I DIDN'T get back to sleep!!!!! Their finger lickin' and smiley faces did bring me round though!

As today is also International Women's Day I thought I'd celebrate by showing a few pictures of a handful of the special women in my life. I'm doing all of this in a bit of a rush and so I haven't had time to necessarily source up-to-date photographs and I'm sure a few of my special women will grumble at the photos selected! But don't grumble ladies, you're here because I love you!

For those of you who are also my special women but for whom I could not source photos of on a whim, I did start to list your names. However, I then became overwhelmed by the politics of who should appear on the list, if there should be an order to the list (alphabetical) whether it should be listed by groups (family, mummy friends, work friends etc). Needless to say I began over thinking things somewhat .... so, no list.


  1. ahh, what gorgeous pictures Katy, of your special women, and of your fabulous pancake day! Brilliant xxx

  2. Thank you Zarouhi, you're very sweet! Did it ... I try and use your name as often as I can ... it's just too beautiful not to. Of course, you'll always be Zazou too!!!

  3. haha, so I will! BTW, I just tagged you in my recent post, do have a look xxx

  4. What a wonderful photo essay! Found your lovely blog via Mummy at the Scool Gate - now following :)

  5. Ah, and meant to say, your pancakes look AWESOME. Am starving now...

  6. Thank you so much Manana Mama and congratulations on your Liebster Award! I am going to enjoy devouring your blog back catalogue tomorrow when the boys are in school/napping!
    And yes the pancakes were yum! We went for an american style pancake this year with chocolate sauce and ice cream, I can highly recommend them!