Monday, 11 April 2011

Easter Holidays - Day Two

Everybody needs a little place to take off to for some time out. Yesterday 'The Tent' became everyone's special haven at different times of the day. Even I spent a little time in there reading (a great gift that hubby bought me) a book I'll probably end up blogging about so I'll keep quiet about it for now. I was particularly amused at hubby's ability to find 'The Cave' no matter where he is or what he's doing. Oh and for those of you who I worked with at Waterstones all those years ago, I sincerely apologise for referencing a popular psychology title! I have referred to a concept from a certain book but I assure you I haven't read the entire contents of this title! Lastly, I am presenting more photos of my family because it's the Easter holidays and it's highly unlikely that I'll get any art work done to display here and also because my sister-in-law in Madagascar is enjoying seeing what her nephews are up to.

Hubby hiding in 'The Cave'

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