Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Homemade Guitar

Some days are so effortless and we're on a wavelength, in synch. We wander hand in hand around a few shops, the bones in my wrist clicking every now and then as my tigger excitedly bounds along. 'Ginger bread man mama?' he optimistically asks whilst cocking his eyebrow and then offering a smile. I oblige, how could I not, so thankful am I for this effortlessness. We make our way home chatting about what we see along the way and then I suggest making a guitar like the one I saw here. He squeals and says 'Yay, I want novva guitar, make novva one mummy'. I am impressed that my boy is calm for long enough to make this guitar with just a little help from Mama. Now I'm posting here whilst he has a power nap before his afternoon at nursery and I am grateful, so very grateful for days spent with this bouncy, bouncy boy.

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