Thursday, 17 November 2011

Making Your Mark

I am completely swept up in collage at the moment, yet another Tapies inspired wave! I know my art experience should move beyond the joy of making smeared and dirty smudge marks using oil stick and a range of pencils (this is a description of my work NOT Tapies's) ... but even after all these years I still have to have my fix and my feeling is that, if it was good enough for Tapies then it's good enough for me. This week I've really been enjoying this wonderful body of work and this guy's work too!!! This is what you get when you mix drawing, collage, humour and satire, Mr. Fullarton I salute you!!!! I'm going to head off now to try and finish these collages that I'm working on, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to show how they turned out. Be back soon!

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