Friday, 23 March 2012

I love this girl and not just because she bakes me cakes ...

I love this girl and not just because she bakes me cakes! I loved her for making me those bubble wrap knee pads during installation week at the art gallery we met and worked at. I loved her when we moved that HEAVY washing machine together on a little trolley three doors down the road. I loved her every time she convinced me that I was worthy and capable of a job I had almost persuaded myself out of applying for. I loved her when she said 'Toot Toot' at the top of her voice whilst driving the hire van helping me and hubby on one of our many house moves many moons ago. A 'Toot Toot' still raises a smile from me, every time! I loved her when it was really a time for it to be all about her and still she spelled out the words 'I carried a watermelon' and I loved her for remembering the things I love and laugh at. I loved her as I watched her preparing her boy's lunch, making that spread of food as pretty as can be and frothing that milk to top his hot chocolate. I loved this girl every time I watched her go down 'the big blue slide' in one of her pretty floral dresses that makes it extra slidey, she always lets out a scream! I love this girl for her gentleness, her kindness, her generosity, her love and especially for knowing how to get Fifi's jacket potatoes just right!

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