Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Where the wild things are

I have long been a fan of the Maurice Sendak classic 'Where the wild things are'. It is a book that I read regularly before and after having children, one that manages to take you right back to the very insides of what it feels like to be little. Over the last few days whilst visiting family I have thought of this book often, particularly whilst watching my offspring interacting with their cousins. You see there's just something about cousins, a special kind of something, the kind of something that lent itself so generously to Sendak's description of childhood. It's a kind of magic, although not of the cauldron bubble sort nor the supernatural kind but very much the enchantment kind, very much of an innocent kind just like God intended. I remember as a child carrying out exciting and ludicrous things in the company of my cousins. Why? Because when I was amongst them I felt like I had wings and was sure I could fly! There was power in our union. Watching these youngsters recently I could see the adrenaline dispersing amongst them, I could see the momentum gathering and unless I'm mistaken I believe I could see their young wings lifting, readying for flight! What a blessing to be present for this! It was an especially exciting time to gather together as we were celebrating the arrival of my beautiful and healthy niece Ester Zoe, who we are calling Essie and she is truly delightful! 

Nieces and nephews also come into that special kind of something category, separate from you yet so much part of you at the same time. I am very blessed by my many nieces and my one and only nephew and they each have a special place right in that heart of mine. I assure you that I am not biased when I tell you that my nephew is brilliant. Hands down that boy is one of the funniest people I know! He is clever and observant and wise beyond his years and long ago surpassed my intelligence. I love how naughty he makes me want to be and on the occasions that I act up, I love how he looks out of the corner of his eye at me with a mix of thrill and bemusement! Then there's my niece Jessica, this special one gives the kind of cuddles that keep fresh in your memory for days and days afterwards, squeezing you with great affection like her life depended on it. There's also my other niece Nini who each time she takes my hand in hers independently I melt, her hand feather light and fragile like a bird, just like her mama's! Oh how I am going to wallow in this soppiness, in this love and wallow too I shall in the splendor and privilege of watching all of these fledglings grow.

Jessica Katy who I'm proud to say was named after me.

Cousins sharing a moment - Nini & Zach

One of the funniest ever - Joe

My baby - Elliott

My beautiful sis-in-law (Aunty) Eli and Zach holding cousin Essie

Photo by Stuart Tonge

Photo by Stuart Tonge

Photo by Stuart Tonge

Photo by Stuart Tonge

Note my lovely brother-in-law David to the left of the picture. 

Hubby with Joe & Essie

Proud uncle and big brother

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