Monday, 5 November 2012

My friend wrote a book

A friend of mine recently wrote a book. It isn't published at the moment but BAM!!!! She wrote a book, just like that!!! I was and am so impressed. I haven't read it but the fact that out of nowhere she sat down and wrote a book and is now looking at how to market it to publishers is endlessly exciting. At the end of our get together the other day we made a giggly promise to one another to be 'more ambitious'. We also promised one another that by the time that we next meet up, we will have something to report that reflects this new 'ambition' that we have committed to. With that in mind, I haven't been able to stop thinking about Susie Sue and the soon to be sequel. Ideas have been buzzing around for some time but I haven't done much more than put a few narrative ideas on paper. At the week-end however I was newly inspired after a quick road trip to visit Page 45, the only shop 'comic shop' I know that doesn't smell of fart and that I'd happily hang out at all day long! Maybe my book could be about an angsty artist/father, who bundles his wife and kids into their car for a quick road trip to explore the city where he truly discovered his Artist calling and that led him to create an independent label that releases and publishes art and music .... Oh wait, that's just what our saturday looked like and it was fun, fun, fun. I love an impromptu trip down memory lane, I love an impromptu road trip!

NB I love an impromptu blog post too but it does however mean that my phone cable is downstairs and my legs won't consider budging from my bed, therefore I can't upload photos of said road trip here tonight! Don't worry, tomorrow's another day, another blog post to be eeked out!

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