Saturday, 15 December 2012

Highlights of the Week

Playing game after game of draughts with my boy and teaching him the african version too. Toasting a little 'rae' of sunshine with some bubbly with my dear friend Roxy and my hubby whilst thinking of our much loved friends. They went from two to three this week with the arrival of precious Mabel Rae who is beautiful like her mama with elegant hands like her papa, she's also rockin' a great name! Spending time with dear ones whilst watching the all too familiar juggling act of feeding a little one and trying to feed oneself. Enjoying the weight of a little one finally finding a nook in your neck and feeling them weighing that little bit heavier as their body relaxes, oh sweet Hazel Rose! Quietly thinking how clever my dear friends are at creating beautiful names for their offspring. Spooning in bed with that hubby of mine and warming my cold nose on his back whilst wrapping my warm feet on his cold ones. Playing with play doh straight after breakfast and before the school run and knowing that three days in a row it has meant a rush to get to school on time but not caring because of the joy it brings to that littlest of mine. Hearing my hubby talking excitedly about amazing things he saw this week, animating his words with those storyteller hands of his. Being thankful for knowing incredible talents like our dear friend Mark who my hubby had the pleasure of watching in action as he delivered mind blowing sessions to  a group of children that do not tick all of the boxes, you know the boxes that I spoke of here earlier in the week. Celebrating all of those 'out of the box' thinkers/creatives/teachers/educators/friends/family in my life that make the world a better place to live in. Drinking cup after cup of copella's winter warmer, listening to Tom Waits and thinking that it's that Sufjan Steven's time of year. 

Sweet 'Hazel Rose'!

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