Monday, 21 January 2013

To be in an unknown place

I've been restless at night. Whilst trying to sleep, ideas for drawings and costumes and performance have been popping into my headspace. Sound and light ideas too which is always exciting. From kind of nowhere I have to draw again. Who this woman is I do not know but she appears from time to time. I suspect she is my mother or a mother archetype. I suspect she is me hiding from me. Me dressing up, covering. Don't be alarmed, no versions of me were harmed in the making of these drawings. 

The light is not perfect when I draw at night. At the moment I like to draw at night. The snow that is currently covering and surrounding us means there is a subtle pink hue all around, especially when I draw at night. 

I may be making some fabric face adornments very soon. I hope they will look better than they sound. And yes, they will probably be quite creepy. Do not be afraid, it's just my response to 'DO'. I used to do this kind of thing lots. Creepy work, pretty work, creepy work, pretty work ... I like the balance of it. I have not spent enough time making life creepy. This, I will restore.

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