Wednesday, 13 March 2013


My square paper moleskine journal plus some treasured family photographs

There's a time and a place for everything so they say and lately I have taken to writing in a journal once again. I did so all through my teens, through the early years of being married, through university and early baby days. I have some gaps but it is something I normally return to. It has been a while since I've done so since lots of my thoughts I record here.
My current journal contains uncensored, unedited thoughts and snippets of lots of conversations I've had with folks most recently or overheard. Things spoken by strangers or that I could never put names to because I don't believe the individuals would necessarily want that exposure but things that have made me laugh, things that I've considered clever, so very clever and some things rude or inappropriate that others have experienced, caused or witnessed. I'll provide an example, this is a favourite that I recorded a few weeks ago:

Person number one: My dad called a man 'fat' at a wedding?

Person number two: Guffaw ... what do you mean, randomly?

Person number one: Well no, he's a friend of the family and the last time we saw him my dad was pretty disgusted that  ... well in his words 'he'd let himself go'. So, at the venue they'd had to create a specific space for him where he would ...  er, fit!

Person number two: I'm going to start writing these stories down because they only ever happen to you, all these things! So carry on ...

Person number one: So my dad sees him and the first thing he says is 'you're still big then!

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