Thursday, 3 April 2014

A date with my eldest boy

Just like his Dad, this kid really knows how to enjoy 'a moment'. These pictures were taken on our mother/son date last week.

Chocolate milk moustache!

After his hot chocolate and chocolate brownie, he helped me out with my drink too. Then he looked for leftovers in his lunch box and finished those bits off too.

Then he talked and talked, barely pausing for breath!

Mid conversation he announced 'Sorry, excuse me a moment … my mother doesn't like me to talk with my mouth full!'

A rare sight. This boy likes to talk as much as his mother! Recently, we've been clashing a little. I've been hard on him. I never expected to have a child that would mirror so many aspects of my own character. Sometimes he's so like me that it drives me crazy! Like when I see him biting his fingernails when he's nervous. Like when he's wrong and he pushes his bottom lip out and really doesn't want to apologise. Like when he's teased and he walks away saying 'you really hurt my feelings'. Luckily he is also very much his own unique self and has many beautiful gifts and assets that I can only dream of … he is tender and thoughtful, kind and generous, quick witted and bright, he is funny and has a great sense of humour. In fact, he is able to spin right out of a bad mood with just the slightest of cajoling, something I still can't manage so well. I gave him good hair though, now that, he got from me.


  1. So adorable! Yes I love his hair and that he definitely got from you :)

  2. Thank you so much Lovelyladyjb for stopping by! Just off to check out your blog x