Friday, 26 September 2014

Guest Post: Our Fantastic Friday Day Out by Zach and Elliott

Things we saw

Magpies fighting
A reddy orange brown leaf with a dark line down the middle
Rose hips 
Climbing trees
A crow
A rosemary bush 
A ladybird flying off from bread crumbs
A mini
A caravan
Railway bridge 
Mushrooms on an old dead tree
Delicate stinging nettles
Grass growing on moss on a dead tree
Beautiful red glossy berries
Falling leaves that we reached up to catch
Coral spot on an enormous leaf
A creepy, scary rat 
A little fish in  a pond and a big big lilly pad in the water 
Sticklebacks hiding under lilly pads
Two pigeons out on a romantic walk
A flying ant
An Orc siege bridge (or one that looked like it)
Very early crocuses
Part of an old cut off tree trunk with a hole inside
Houses on a sloping hill
A mushroom looking like a curly wurly swirly poo
A Japanese maple tree with red leaves
Bees enjoying purple flowers
A faulty wooden gate
An awesome cool car that my mum said is called 'a hearse'
Ladybird larvae, ladybirds and aphids

Things we smelled

A stagnant pond
Sweet smelling lemon roses, and other roses smelling of pure gold and mango
Tree sap from a cut down tree
Pine cones

Things we heard 

Trucks crashing bricks
Traffic lights beeping
Cars beeping
The crumbly sound of leaves
Motorbikes running


  1. What a lovely day and a lovely way to remember it (and share it with us). I love the sound of falling leaves that we reached up to catch; a creepy, scary rat; two pigeons out on a romantic walk and a mushroom looking like a curly wurly swirly poo... (and crumbly leaves is one of my favourite sounds, too). Thank you!

    1. 'Wow! A real author left a comment on our post!!! That is soooooo cool!'
      'She is so nice leaving us a message.'
      Thanks Clare, the boys loved your words :-)