Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Me and my boy

I just came across this photo of hubbie and I and saw an opportunity for a quick post. This photo was taken about three years ago I think and I was about 5 months pregnant with my second son Elliott.

Hubbie and I had a great inspirational chat last night about our thoughts, dreams and ambitions for 2011 and I came away from it feeling truely motivated!

Hubbie and I met at college whilst both of us were studying Art, we then both went on to study Fine Art at the same university, hubbie being the year above me but still within the same department. This has meant that over the last 17 years we have worked closely alongside one another and we have also been shamelessly competitive(he's a middle child and I am the youngest of four children, we've alot to prove!!). We were also in a band together for many years(more on this another time)and have created and exhibited sound installation work collaboratively for many years too.

However, in more recent times with the varied and increasing demands on our time, we have not allocated much of our time to talk through our creative ambitions or indeed spent much time reflecting on our joint or individual journeys as Artists. Last night was a wonderful reminder of times long passed when you just knew you weren't getting any sleep because you had an idea to explore and with fire in your belly you did just that until you got the results you were looking for ..... I'm ready to call myself an Artist again.

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