Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mills and Boon Drawing - Update

I haven't yet named the female character in this drawing. So far I have been calling the drawings the 'Susie Sue Series' but I definitely need to name this character as I want to start writing a narrative for the drawing series.

Last night when I was working on this drawing I selected a film to keep me company as I often do when I draw and much to hubby's amusement I had chosen Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. He asked if it was intentional that I was hand stencilling pigeons and birds whilst watching a film of the same subject matter. Well, I think the answer is yes. I am all about birds at the moment ... infact I've just had an idea! The main character in the film, the marvelous 'Melanie Daniels' is played by Tippi Hedren, so there's a lovely birdie connection ... the character in my drawing shall be called 'Tippi'. Tippi & Bob. Yep, I like it.

I love writing ... and that whole stream of consciousness stuff! To take a look at what the drawing was like before click here and here and here.

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