Monday, 25 April 2011

Picture me, picture me, picture me!

This is the start of my third drawing for my 'Susie Sue Series' which I am now under some pressure to complete as I need to complete five drawings altogether that will feature in Premier Pli very, very soon. I tend to photograph my work outside in our back garden (a place that is slowly being destroyed by the boys as we enjoy these summery days!) and then I upload the images to the blog. I haven't really been able to get much work done over the last two weeks due to the easter holidays and prioritising being with the family. So I saw a window today just after hubby and Zach left the house to go off on a 'man adventure' followed by a trip to the cinema to see 'Rio' (a long enough outing for me to get on) when just as I started photographing the work Elliott declared 'No, picture me, picture me, picture me!!!!!'. So, how could I resist, particularly when he started with his famous shaky bum bum dance!!! You only have to sing 'shake your bon bon' or our preferrred version 'shaky your bum bum' and he will happily oblige!

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