Thursday, 21 April 2011

Savage Rocks!

Shelly a.k.a SAVAGE

This is my good friend Shelly (aka Savage as hubby always calls her) and today she did a beautiful, beautiful thing! I'd just got back home with the boys from a wonderful day out at Grandma's/Mum's when in I walked through the door to a parcel - which is always exciting in itself. Then I opened it and right before my eyes .... a book that I have picked up dozens of times and somehow never got round to buying, one that I adore!!!!!

Thank you Shelly for making my heart leap and for a perfect ending to my day!


  1. Arrrrr Bab i had no idea you'd seen this before,i found it by chance with Oska & just knew you must have it,so glad that you were meant to have it,thought you'd find some further inspiration from it.It's quite a special find like you are x

  2. Arrrr Bab, you are just the best!!! This is the stuff that makes life soooo good!!

  3. Can we praise eachother anymore? Maybe we should just cut to the chase & blow smoke up eachothers arses ahahaha,now can't remove image from mind,so so wrong. Are you trying to out Bab me hey............i'm spreading the Bab in Wales,my favourites are when folk don't even realise they've said it,it's like i secretly plant the seed in there brain then boom!
    Mad woman rambling oops,speak soon Bab with an extra serving of Bab on top x