Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Best Things In Life Are Free ....

I love found photographs. I take great joy in searching them out, be it on roads, where debris collects in parks, charity shops or wherever, I am always on the look out. I've had this beauty since 2002. I was working at Waterstones at the time alongside my colleague and friend Nigel who actually found this photograph in the history section on the first floor. I loved it so much that I badgered him into letting me have it, payment for all the hours he made me listen to Nick Drake on a loop, who incidentally I NOW love! This photograph has sat in a little brown suitcase that I have with all my other found photos and favourite images/postcards and it has kept peeking out at me .... so today I thought I'd share it.

Bizarrely, the woman on the right looks very similar to HulaSeventy one of my favourite bloggers! I wonder if these two ladies are still in touch and when the photo was taken? What their relationship is to one another? Did they love listening to Wham and watching Dallas? Did they lose touch over that argument about woman number one's (on the left) choice of boyfriend? Found photographs, a free gift and a novel/soap opera all in one! What do you think their story is?

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