Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I woke up today with that glass half empty feeling which is more than likely due to my boys having had two restless nights and by default restless nights for me too. The lion that appears before we watch the pink panther is currently bothering my youngest boy and as he settles into his new and first nursery it is perhaps bothering him a little more than usual. This is the reason why I have acute pain in my back from the odd position I assumed trying not to wake hubby whilst also trying to comfort the boy whilst giving him enough room to fall asleep in our bed last night. Not long after I got the youngest back into his own bed I heard the shaky voice of my eldest who was suffering a similar plight but this time at the hands of the forbidden 'scooby doo' that was watched whilst he had a play date at a friend's house last week. I'm quite firm as a mum about lots of things but being scared especially at night I remember so, so clearly from my own childhood (Jaws!!!!!!!!!!) that however tired I am I never ever want them to feel that fear alone.

So, after the school run, desperate to shake off the glass half empty feeling, the youngest boy and I went off for a long walk in our local park and it was pretty breath taking. I love autumn and the park looked just wonderful. The air was fresh and crisp enough to give that exciting feeling of the seasons changing (I was actually a bit peeved last week at the random high temperatures NO!!! I want bog standard seasons thanks!!!) and that cosy winter feeling set in. Watching my boy kick piles of leaves, finding bugs, climbing on tree stumps and trunks with dirt in his nails and mud on his face was the perfect tonic and just like that .... my glass is half full again.

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