Thursday, 13 October 2011

Time and time again

The boys are at school and nursery. I have had what seems like days of unrelenting busyness and I feel exhausted, drained. So, as a result I have spent the last three hours watching episodes of 'My family's crazy gap year' and browsing on Pinterest attempting to learn how to 'pin it' whilst fearing being done for copyright infringement should I decide to publish this post with the above image which I 'pinned'.

I'm in a tizzy! Why you may ask? Well ... like De Niro's character says in Heat ... it's all about time, time to do the stuff you wanna do. I have thought about this free time for so long, I have contemplated on how best to use it over days and weeks and months and now that it has arrived I feel a huge pressure to achieve the unattainable. I do this, so it comes as no great shock that I am in this place and I don't feel unhappy just slightly restless. I am trying to breathe and allow myself some guilt free time alone but guilt free it is not since I know that the washing cycle is complete and I could be hanging the washing out, I also know that hubby's and my bedroom has become a dumping ground in our small home and could do with some attention to seperate the chaff from the wheat. I know this this but today I can't quite muster the energy for these duties. Instead, I am trying to focus on the wise words of Mr. Bertrand Russell 'The time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted'. I am enjoying being home alone surrounded by silence, now to try and quieten the noise in my head.

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