Friday, 30 March 2012

Wishes Granted

I celebrated my birthday last week-end and my thoughts turned to my Grandma Peppermint as I was totally taken aback by the quantity and generosity and thoughtfulness of the gifts that I received. Grandma Peppermint into her old age would often say on celebratory occasions like these 'Well I never received many gifts as a child, this is just marvellous'! whilst her grey blue eyes would sparkle and she would laugh the sweetest excited laugh ... Well that's just how I feel every time I walk into my bedroom and I admire with pride my new belongings and I know I am loved and blessed, very blessed. My thoughts also turned to words often uttered by my mother when we were children 'It's the thought that counts', alas these words were normally spoken to cushion the blow of an ill suited gift but this year it is not the case, not at all. So thank you friends, loved ones, you have nourished me deeply and mother ... you were right all along! Lastly, special thanks to my dear friend who makes my birthday cake each year, see here for last years and here's to many more!!!

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