Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Confession: Sometimes I don't think it's enough to just make pretty things.

This week I've been trying to break out of my easy come, easy go pattern of creating images solely using scraps of paper and a glue stick, I've been trying to remember how to experiment. You know, that process where you start to like something that's developing but if there's the slightest hesitation you paint/draw/wipe/stick over it. This used to be a process that I used commonly and instinctively but space and time and a lack of habit have meant it feels like more effort than I would like it to be. So, experiment is what I did with my itty bitty bits of time this week. I'm currently working on A4 size canvas but I've bought some A2 and larger that I'm looking forward to using too. I found some work from my last 'experiment' featured in this post and want to do more of it, I may just get back to my norm of A1 paper for some oil stick and pencil on paper fun. Susie Sue -Series Two has also been playing on my mind lately, it's exciting to think of her once more! Another confession: I feel quite smug that in spite of a very busy week, I have managed to make something new ... even if it is a little bit pretty.

Hanging my canvases around the house at the moment.

I must remember that I like working on several pieces at a time.


  1. I love these pieces Katy - I'd happily have them hanging in our house! I love your work, you balance between the ethereal and the challenging in such a perfect way.

  2. Thank you! It's really great to get feedback from those that you trust and who you know have good taste! Plus at some point soon I really want to market these, so it's good to know that you'd hang them in your house! I'll be asking for marketing strategy tips sometime soon, you're the expert after all!