Monday, 25 June 2012

It's all part of the journey ...

My non-functional desk

Last week I was feeling really fed up that my desk 'work space' had become a dumping ground, see picture above. It is a by product of trying to squeeze in making bits and bobs into unrealistic time slots and hence when I have to clear away or leave things to dry or gather my itty bitty stamps and various papers. When my time is up, I finally have to surrender and just fling all of that stuff onto my desk - the only safe place for it to go away from little hands and away from spaces that have another function ie our dinner table. 

The desk in its state pictured above was not inspiring me to work as I knew I needed to have a sort out before even getting down to work, probably leaving me an hour maximum to be creative! So, the desk remained like this for another couple of days until a dear friend of mine sent me a message reminding me that she had commissioned a piece of work from me that she needed in a couple of days for a gift. She generously gave me the option to have more time to work on a piece but suddenly my heart began pounding with excitement at the challenge of a deadline. I love a deadline! I love it in as much as it motivates me to get the job done, no hesitation, no excuses. I am in a constant state of forgetting and then remembering that this is how I thrive, I thrive with a deadline in place. It is a useful thing to know about myself, so why do I forget this? 

Anyway, knowing that my dear friend would be coming over at lunch time on friday, on thursday night last week I packed the kids off to bed and set to work. The photograph below was taken at 23.51 hours just as I was calling it a night, hence the poor light. I was tired but so happy to be ending my day having made something new plus the process was so effortless and enjoyable, sometimes doing is so much better than thinking. It also really helps to have beautiful people in your life who place value on what you do and what you make, I am forever grateful for these gifts.

This is what things looked like at 23.51

Mixed -Media on A3 size canvas

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