Sunday, 1 July 2012

Working at my new desk

New and completed A4 canvas

At the end of last week I was on a roll and did lots of making and all of it was done at my new desk! It is finally functioning as I planned all along and I am delighted by how quickly I can work when my space is clear and my materials spread out ready for use. To make it clear, when I say 'space' this refers to my table in my bedroom and for now this is my studio (plus the dining table at times). My latest canvas above was made by creating just enough clear space on my desk for the canvas to sit with scrap paper alongside it for my glueing space - I'm loving the organized chaos of it all, so long I have waited for this, to finally be free from getting bogged down in the detail of things and just getting on with it. I've even been able to dig out things I'd forgotten I owned like the letter stamps that I used for the text that says 'fly'. My next step will be to begin using more printmaking, more of my own hand made stencils and drawings ... in time. 

Remember this blog post? Well I used some of the materials that my good friend Tinka sent me for this latest canvas. I love the woven narrative drawn from memories of trips and journeys, collected memorabilia, scraps and papers collected along the way ... meaningless for others but like little personal journals for me. You'll notice as well, an old canvas that I have added to. Some work reaches completion very quickly, others for weeks or months can feel incomplete particularly if I'm not able to work for long periods or consistently. This week being able to work in blocks of three/fours hours has made a huge difference, it allows you to experiment, to be less precious and to work through the process until you feel resolve. I have missed this and the old feelings flooding back feels like welcoming a dear friend home again. 

Progress shot - flowers on the right ended up being ripped off

Old canvas with added bird and wings 

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