Thursday, 8 November 2012

Coffee with a friend and window gazing ...

Today I met a dear friend for coffee and company and for good measure we found a location that stirred atmosphere with the gentle hum of passers by. During the breaks in our conversation for toilet trips or coffee re-fills I gazed right through the looking glass, quickly searching for a city ant to follow and then another and another. Then briefly pondering the stressed faces, lecherous lotharios and city ants eating on the go! 

Our conversation continued, we talked about parenting, masters courses, art practice and how we define audience, the difficulty of finding a good pair of boots and the sadness of an old pair dying. 

My friend also took me on a journey to look at shoes, not ones we would purchase to wear but ones that we agreed we would display in our houses as art objects. These were shoes like candy, shoes most probably cut from the finest leather by the old man himself before he went to bed. 'Shoes with not one bad stitch in them' ... shoes most definitely made by elves. 

This dear friend took me on another journey. We saw beautifully preserved stained glass windows, complex mosaic tiled floors, a library. A library so intoxicating and rich in possibilities that I merely glanced at the rows and rows of books, not stopping to change direction and climb a flight of stairs that would have reveled the library's true scale. Along the way, my dear friend also led me to an empty printmaking studio. I couldn't take pictures because my heart was aching with desire to be in there, making, with my hands all dirty. Instead I took just one shot of the sign outside the door. This image makes my heart ache less. 

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