Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Short days, cold nights

Autumn is here and the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. This is a time that hubby used to dread, a time when he would seemingly wimper as if in pain as he pined for the warmth and blue skies of the place he grew up. Somewhere along the way he learned to embrace this season and with it he opened my eyes once more to the cosy loveliness that winter can be! I love the way he regularly smiles, raises those eyebrows of his and shakes his empty mug by the side of his head and declares 'Another coffee?', the way he brings out his 'raver coat' when he really means business as far as staying warm. I love the way he wears that hat we bought at the Frankfurt market last winter, indoors as often as he does outdoors lifting the ear flaps up when he feels he's getting too warm and how this makes me laugh! I love the way that winter re-ignites our love of film and film night becomes a regular pleasure as we challenge each other to offer up our top ten or twenty films of all time in order and debate the worthiness of each selection. Tonight we watched one of our favourites whilst that hubby of mine massaged my shoulders and played with my hair as we sipped hot coffee all the way through. We did this with peaceful and thankful hearts, content in the knowledge that Len (our mechanic) successfully welded the hand break back on that came off in hubby's hand at the end of our road on monday morning! Strange things happen in film and strange things happen in this our life together.

NB Minor correction - it was indeed the gear stick that came off in hubby's hand and NOT the hand break! 

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