Thursday, 15 November 2012

Starry night, Misty morning

Sometimes a photograph doesn't capture the excitement of the moment. This is the moment my family lay down on the floor in pitch blackness in one of our favourite quiet places, to look up at the stars! When life is full of routine a simple break in the line up is met with zealous enthusiasm, adults and children alike. This was very much the feeling yesterday after school when the boys and I headed to a local cafe to meet up with a good, good friend of mine and her girls of pretty much the same age as my boys. There was a lot of re-acquainting to be done and with the brilliant efficiency of the language of 'kids' they were re-acquainted in minutes and with one push of a 'kid button' they were ready for fun, fun, fun!

After cake and biscuits of every description, babyccinos (it was actually a cheap and small warm chocolate drink but for the sake of urban chic 'babyccinos' it is!) we said goodbye to our friends and began our walk home in the dark still reeling with excitement! The cafe, fun with our friends, the dark, the cold night, being out late, daddy walking to meet us, knowing that the next day there would be no school due to elections. Well, all of it had all of us fired up and then the littlest of our family pointed skywards and announced: 'The stars are up there tonight and they are beautiful'. At this point that soppy hubby of mine enthused and ready to continue our break in routine asked aloud 'who wants to drive to the countryside, away from the city lights to see the starry night?'

So after a quick dinner, hot chocolate warmed on the stove and filled into a large flask and double chocolate cookies packed, hats, scarfs and coats bundled into the car too, we were ready to see the stars! It did not disappoint! Pitch blackness. The smell of real wood fires burning, giving off a little orange light. The sound of moving water. Eyes catching the occasional glistening of the water in spots of light. Hundreds of stars. The heat of small unsure hands gripping. Canal boats laying dormant in the darkness. Seeing white breath fall from our mouths. I must admit I was a little scared when hubby took our eldest under a bridge right by the waters edge and they disappeared before my eyes into the blackest night. I breathed and exhaled a big smoky breath of relief when the younger boy exclaimed 'I don't like it, I don't want to go ... it's too scary'! Proud that the older boy was enduring the adventure and being wary of not spoiling the fun I said nothing, until of course little ones were out of earshot when I informed my hubby 'you know sharks can get everywhere! I didn't want to get too close to the water!!!!'

Then back to the car for cookies and coco and a little laughter. Oh how we laughed at that innocent man jogging who pretended not to see all four of us sat in the car, parked off road looking dubious. How we laughed as we sipped from our cups whilst watching a man in a nearby house switch on a light in a room and begin looking at himself in a mirror. Hubby teased the boys that the man was picking his spots and then using the toilet and they laughed and laughed. I can't remember what music played in the car on our journey home. I remember that the little one fell asleep and that the eldest talked the whole way home and hubby and I gave each others hand a 'Thelma & Louise squeeze' in triumph of our great big, little adventure.

It was a misty morning in our neighbourhood today

A few months ago I didn't think I would relish them having an  extra day off school! Time is precious ... 

He's pretty pleased! We smeared our back door in shaving foam for him to draw and write in.

Then Zach joined in for his spelling practice 

I love it when it's time to get vests out! This is what we call the 'where the wild things are' vest!

There's nothing like watching Tom & Jerry with kids whilst eating chocolate coins and talking about Christmas all whilst mama sips on her non alcoholic hot toddy! Perfection!

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