Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Postcard by Paperchase

I have been absent from here for some time and I have missed this place. It has felt like I have had a job, you know a proper job. I have been showing up at a certain time, day in day out for two weeks and it has been bliss. My brain has been active and still is, it's open and firing all kinds of colours. I am filled with hope and excitement, I am setting goals and developing strategies to remain afloat, finding ways to stay in action. It is all thanks to Jennifer Lee's Right Brainers in Business Video Summit and a great deal of good timing! I happened across a link to sign up to the summit for free to access the basic package and it was just the motivation I needed for my next step. Inspired by what Beth Nicholls says: 'people are happier when they are true to themselves', I am ready. Ready to define my soul mission and ready to face my biggest challenge - Fear! I am fearful but my heart is skipping to a happy, happy beat. Lots of plans, lots to schedule, lots of knuckling down to be done. More to come soon. 

Old work from a journal, my new steps got me thinking about new buds, new seasons!

I re-discovered pages and pages of ideas from an old journal that match exactly what's currently going round in my head! 

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