Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Brilliance in Blogging - facing the fear and doing it anyway!

It is wonderful to receive praise for the things that we do well. This is a fact. Some people are very good at accepting praise and others struggle with it. Recently I was speaking to my youngest boy about how important it is to accept praise, afterwards I felt a bit of a phony since it's not something that I always do very well myself. Immediately, I could think of three or four occasions in recent times when someone has complimented me or my writing or my artwork and instead of a simple 'thank you', I have launched into some stand up act making self depricating jokes as a nerdy response. So when I received a message from my dear friend and fellow blogger telling me that she had nominated me for a Brilliance  in Blogging Award, I decided it was time to gag my nerdy, inner critic self and accept the wonderful compliment she was paying me and share the news of the Brilliance in Blogging Awards with my audience - yes that's you!

I love writing and I love blogging. There is something particularly special about knowing others are reading your words and sharing in your experiences. As an Artist I have long been interested in audience and how people engage with my work and the same can be said of how I think of my readers, my audience, those that visit here regularly to share in my day to day. I am grateful for you! For those of you who would like to, please click on one of the buttons below to nominate me for a Brilliance in Blogging award! You've got until 12th April to cast your vote! There are actually 16 different categories which bloggers can be nominated for, to make life simple I chose two: writing and lifestyle although feel free to choose another category if you prefer. I must admit I do feel a bit sheepish plugging myself and the awards, however in recognition of my word for the year I am taking action ... even if it is out of my comfort zone. As I said at the beginning of this post, it is wonderful to receive praise for the things that we do well and I do like very much the idea that blogging is something that I do well.




  1. congrats! i am new to your blog, but if it is anything as wonderful as your artwork (and you altogether), i am already addicted. also, i am woody allen when it comes to taking a compliment. i know the self deprecating routine well myself... i am inspired by your post to just say "thank you" and smile from now on instead of launching into a bit about dirty laundry, double chins, and take out. diving into your blog now!

  2. Hello you! It's a lovely suprise to find you here, what a wonderful time I had reading your blog the other day. Speaking of Woody Allen, I haven't blogged since I plugged myself for a blogging award ... suddenly it made it all feel weird and I started over thinking and being, well Woody Allen about it all! I'm not very good at self promotion but my self deprication stand up is quite funny! xxx