Thursday, 14 March 2013

Like A Pot of Gold

I love keeping letters and cards that I have received and even more than that, I love finding them once more after a time has passed and for the words and sentiments to mean either the same as they once did or for them to have changed as I have over the years. Sometimes the joy of looking forward is found only after you have looked back. It may be just a simple glance and yet this reflecting brings us to a whole new place, no? 

This is my my new 'HOPE' jar, it says 'Thank You' on the front. I'm gonna add a note to this jar each time good things happen and then I'll store them up for those cold, hard days when I need to be reminded that good things happen often. Little love letters that I will read over and over and over and over and over again ... 

My first love letter for the jar: Last night my hubby came home with flowers for me. They perfectly complimented the mood of my painting (see below) and remind me of a happy, happy time we spent somewhere hot and exotic some years back where our only worry was gathering momentum to move from our loungers to take a cool dip in the pool!    

1 comment:

  1. How beautiful - the flowers and painting both! You're on my blogroll and I love how much easier it makes catching up with my reading!! And my friend, when you need reminding about good things happening, look into the mirror and smile that gorgeous smile. Look at your boys. Look at your husband. Life is good. xxx