Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Back to school, back to work, back to drawing birds I go.

I missed them today, all three. But the sun shone and I saw blue sky and I felt sure that it shone especially for my three, to ease them in gently. The separation was worth it if only to see those boys of mine walking hand in hand on the journey home, that youngest of mine rejecting my hand and asking for his brothers instead. I walked alongside them admiringly, watching them chatting and catching up on what each had missed. When we reached home I ran upstairs to my desk to check that I really had sat down to draw today. Sometimes my dream world and my real world get all mixed up, my worlds collide and I have no idea which one is speaking authentically. Like when I was at uni and I dreamt that Charlie Tweed had taken some headphones that belonged to me, I was explaining to hubby how annoyed I was when he had to break it to me that it was in fact all a dream. I did draw a bird today and as I coloured his wings I thought of his sadness, I thought of places far away, places he might fly. I thought about this fluttery heart of mine too and where it might go next. I may have to make this heart of mine some wings, then it too can go places, places far away, in my dream world and more.

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