Friday, 23 August 2013

Raindrops on Roses

During the summer, just as I wrote last year and will probably write each year, it becomes pretty hard to find time to write down any of my thoughts. It becomes a challenge to find any time to actually publish drafts written hastily in notes on my iPhone. Sometimes whilst out and about  I simply jot down a blog post title just in case I ever get round to writing a post and mostly this summer these titles have remained in my phone never to surface in full form. This year I was better prepared and I have pretty much surrendered to the rhythm of summer which spells out quality time with my family for which I am very grateful. Yet knowing how easily I fall out of good habits and knowing how fully this blog has served me, I often feel anxious when I am out of step with coming here to sort my thoughts. It reminds me that I have a need to express myself in written form as I'm not very good at reflecting otherwise, if I just 'do' and don't overthink it then all is well. However, as soon as I am out of the habit of coming here, it is a struggle to return because of the over thinking. I feel the same way about the creative process and so every now and then, when I walk into my bedroom (normally with clean washing in my hands ready to put away) I stand at my cluttered desk and pull random pieces of paper together and I make something, however small and lacking in content. It is a child like way of simply reminding myself I can still do it, whatever the 'it' is in that moment. Today it was making a postcard with the title of this blog post and it satisfied the itch for now at least.

I recently got a new phone and I am really excited because I can use Pinterest effortlessly and pin away. I don't know what it is about pinning but it is such a stress release and I love the mind numbing nature of pinning and categorising and suddenly finding half an hour has slipped away! For this reason, it has been months since I've actively 'pinned'. I normally just check in to take a look at my own boards as reference. I like certain associations that come with Pinterest too, for example there is a friend of the family who lives in the States who I don't e-mail or facebook and only see when she visits once a year or so but through Pinterest it has been really interesting to discover how much we have in common and how similar our tastes are. I like seeing that she has repinned pins of mine, it makes me think that we are communicating, using this 'of our time' morse code. It was this very lovely lady that inspired my blog title in actual fact, 'Raindrops on Roses' is the name of one of her boards and I thought it very warm and nostalgic. Check her out on pinterest here. She is way more orderly than I, you only have to take a look at how she has catergorised all her food dishes to see what I mean. She is a very talented lady and one day soon I hope she will take the leap into the blogosphere with a food blog, I for one would visit it repeatedly! 

A few of this summer's raindrops on roses: 

* using free wallpaper samples to make postcards and making postcards full stop. What's not to like about postcards! 
* going on a date with my girlfriend, drinking cocktails and walking in the sun to watch an indie chick flick and my date sweet talking the cinema staff into giving her one of said film's posters that she was so coveting
* eating Pez and trying to have the self control to enter Pez into Pez dispenser before consuming Pez for the full Pez experience
* drinking cuban rum from pretty glasses with my girl whilst looking at holiday snaps
* checking out new postcards and admiring my beautiful bracelet from Cuba. Cuba and postcards are very much themes!
* my boys back garden version of Lucha Libre
* laughing with my hubby at something our youngest said a few months ago when he watched 'The Wizard of Oz' for the first time. 
Dorothy: 'Now I'll never get home.'
Elliott: 'Yeah, ya can ... calm down!'
* planting kisses on the back of their downy sun kissed necks
* that moment when you climb into bed after a long day and you sink into the mattress, yeah ... that moment. Right now, that's exactly where I want to be, that's where I'm headed. 

Image by Emma Gormally aka Tinka75@Instagram

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