Friday, 16 May 2014

Easter Break 2014 - Part One

The best part of not being up to date with your blog is finding draft posts from a few weeks back and suddenly being freshly awashed with happy experiences. How those boys of mine have grown and how much fun we all had over the easter break even though it felt at the time like we hadn't done very much. Remembering the time that I came down to breakfast to find my little man cosy underneath one of the chairs clutching his current favourite stick, I mean 'sword'! Our post football cafe date. His saturday morning role play as a policeman issuing a firm warning, best 'warning' face ever. The afternoon that he took off his t-shirt so that he could feel the sun on his back and drew some of the things that he had spotted on our adventures the day before. I get happy goosebumps when I see his writing and those drawings and the look of concentration on his face. The picture of me looking like my older sister Ali alongside my eldest looking like my Grandma Peppermint. Oh and how that eldest of mine loves to come and find me when I'm lying on my bed reading and wants to hang out and tell me stuff, it's one of the rare times that I remember to try and take pictures of us together. And how, when you live in a small house with three boys, you might find yourself retreating to a place of quiet for a time of solitude. However, they come looking. They ask what you're up to. They put debris from the garden in your bed and when they snuggle up close they smell  like a mix of dog and pond (except hubby, he smells good!). Anyway, before you know it they've turfed you out of bed but you almost don't mind because … well, because of the silliness and their smiles. What it is to have a grandma that keeps an eye out for the fishing nets that two boys have said they 'really really want' and the blessing that you feel to know that she didn't think twice about catching two buses to seek them out. The excitement of blue sky and the perfect weather for testing those fishing nets out, for spotting newts and fresh water shrimp and lots of pond life. Being thankful for the memory of sitting amongst daisies and resting in the sun, for ice creams in the garden and for feeling pleased that for once I remembered to buy ice cream cones, 'grandma always remembers' apparently! Special moments like the one where I gazed into my eldests eyes whilst we chatted in my bed even though it was a sunny day and we should really have been outside. Those mornings when he's a little unsettled and he comes into our bed and curls up next to us like a lil' puppy dog. Those freckles upon my eldest boy's nose that make my soul sing. Those freckles on my hubby's arms that almost glow against the white sheets, so familiar that it makes me get a lump in my throat in that way that you sometimes do involuntarily when things make you happy. Their freckles are some of my favourite things. And seeing them asleep together in bed like that, I can't quite believe its been nearly six years since we brought that boy home and that lil' puppy dog would sleep happily on his daddy's chest. Time flies! 

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