Tuesday, 23 December 2014

One Day in May

There are always those days that you think you will remember. The ones that just work out really quite effortlessly. The ones that are easily forgotten on those colder, crisper autumn days of present. If these photos hadn't been sat waiting on my phone I probably would have forgotten this lovely day, not because it wasn't wonderful but because it all came so easily, it was just so simple. I may even have forgotten hubby's moustache phase. The moustache which kinda scared me a little, the one that made him look a bit too much like a handsome but strict uncle, like Uncle Quentin in The Famous Five! I may even have forgotten that this was the day that my youngest boy learned to make delightful high pitched whistles with blades of grass, the day he tried and tried and tried some more till he mastered it. The same day that I turned for just a second and they'd all climbed down into that slippy bit of the lock with the fast running water. The bit that I had told them to stay away from, the bit that their dad had jumped into and lifted them down into. The bit that just doesn't look very deep on photos but I assure you really was! The bit he was stood in where he could be heard saying things like 'of course it's safe' and 'you're meant to feel like you can't stand up' and 'Yeah, I love it when you think the water is going to knock you off your feet'. I did not forget that moment when they all stood on the bridge and they looked like a 1970's album cover, one of those that you pick up in record shops or charity shops just for the cover and if the album is good then it's just a bonus. I did not forget the cute sign that we saw along the canal towpath, the one showing eggs and cosmos and books for sale. The one that said 'money in the pipe please' that made me grin. I probably would have forgotten when hubby gave out instructions and made me take pictures of him, when he wanted me to capture a little bit of the edwardian feel that his moustache was giving out. What I didn't know on this day was that my youngest boy would draw in a large journal I'd bought him and encouraged him to begin recording in. I didn't know that this would be the beginning of his recording events and trips out in this way. Now, months down the line, I see his data, his capturing, his progress, his journey and it makes me get a lump in my throat. This was just one day in may. 

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