Friday, 24 June 2016

What a soon to be 8 year old boy collected on a Summer's day

What I heard

. Children playing in the school next to the park
. A train
. Dogs barking
. Birds making a tweeting song
. Water splashing down at the water fall

What I saw

. Fresh helicopters on the ground
. Old tree that has been cut down
. Nettles
. Cute labradoodles, one black, one white
. Mushrooms growing on a dead tree stump
. A Woodpecker
. A duck feather floating in the air by the duck pond
. A Butterfly
. Some friends from school
. Bamboo in a muddy marsh
. The tree where I liked to squish berries when I was little
. Earwig hiding in the Elderflower bush
. A squirrel
. A Robin
. Unstable rocks sticking out of the ground
. A feather by a pine tree

What I smelt

. Roses in the rose garden (I couldn't smell it much but mum could)

What I tasted
. Banana from mum's bag of goodies
. Water from my water bottle
. A couple of chocolates from mum's box that Year 4 gave her as a  leaving present
. Salt on my fingers
. Wind in my mouth
. A burp 

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