Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Sun in the Clouds

Collages that make me think of a dear friend. The brown sugar in the glass jar at that new cafe that tastes like molasses. Listening to Fela Kuti whilst driving back from climbing big hills at the week-end. Thinking about those 78 vinyl records of my dads' and wondering which high life musicians they featured. Walks home with my youngest boy after picking him up from the childminder. Sending my children to fetch things for me when I realise I don't have to keep running up and down the stairs. That boiled sweet that a kind colleague gave me that I put in the bottom of my handbag for a rainy day. The mittens with adorning pom poms that were a present from my three boys for christmas that I thought I'd never wear but that I adore. Getting round to writing a letter by hand to a friend who lives on the other side of the world. Making that daily phone call straight after work finishes to my eldest boy and hearing my boy say 'Hey mum!'. My husband telling me about a favourite memory about his mama from his childhood. The one where he could never remember the difference between fried or scrambled egg. The one where she told him a simple way to remember his favourite cooked egg, it was the one with the sun in the clouds. In the twenty two years we have been together, last week was the first time that I heard about this memory. What magic! What a mama! So, the life lesson I have learned from that. Aways, always try and find the sun in the clouds. It will be there somewhere but you might just have to ask someone else for a little help in finding it.

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