Tuesday, 13 November 2018

New Traditions

Last year, I booked a stay in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees as a Christmas gift to my husband and myself. My criteria was: something quirky with a log burner. So my husband and I had the most wonderful stay, in a converted train wagon with a log burner and surrounded by lots of curiosities that the owner had collected during his extensive travels as a wildlife photographer. Feeling smug with the effortlessness of last year's idea, the simplicity of booking it and the ease of it all, I suggested to my husband that (whilst my mother is willing to take charge of our offspring) this should become a festive tradition of ours - a post Christmas escape for us two. 

I have thought about this escape many, many times. I have written down little notes, ideas of places to visit, taken suggestions and recommendations, spoken of how I long for it to be just him and I. However, I, failed to book anything. This evening, after two consecutive evenings of disappointment looking at remaining 'quaint broomcupboard' rooms, our hearts sinking as the words 'fully booked' flashed again and again. When our beloved Cotswolds getaway was not to be, nor our stay in Bath or Oxford, then another favourite came to mind. Bristol. Magical, marvellous Bristol. A city break. A stay by harbourside with the buzz and hum of city we love and although we've made the mistake of booking a place that we've previously visited with our children which means we will speak of them frequently and perhaps yearn for them often, it is time to potter and walk and talk and be. Just us. Just us. I am so thrilled with this new tradition, I hope we have learned our lesson to plan ahead. I suspect another tradition of ours will be the last minute panic to book something. Each. And. Every. Year. Perhaps. 

So I draw to a close with the words of Buffalo 66's Billy hanging in the air ... 'We’re taking pictures like we’re a couple. Like we like each other. Like we’re husband and wife, and we span time together. We span time together as a couple, cos we’re a loving couple, spanning time. These photos are us, in love, spanning time.' Well that's the plan and I can't wait.

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