Saturday, 12 February 2011

Inspiration list - Week six

1. street of crocodiles by the Quay Brothers
2. sweetness by Yes or what I like to call 'The John&Missy Song'
3. the grayson perry process
4. josephine baker's 'banana dance' here and clip from 'la revue des revues'
5. lorraine pascale's savoury palmiers
6. the man with the dancing eyes by sophie dahl
8. ghanaian waakye & shitor
9. the wire
10. the pink panther(nominated by zach&elliott)

Here are some updated photos of the current drawing/collage that I am working on. I managed to muster some energy to do a little work on this, hopefully I will find the time to catch up on all that sleep missed earlier in the week ... hmmm ... perhaps not, it might just have to be more comfort in the form of 'Aunty Adelaide's waakye&shitor. Waakye brings back fond memories of family in Ghana, in particular my cousins Doris and Abigail.

Doris would arrive unannounced bright and early in the morning having picked up our dish from our favourite street vendor just along the cantonments main high street. She would arrive with it still hot and we'd sit on the veranda at Abigail's house, ushering the children away just like our mums/aunts/older women had done to us as kids, we'd each sit on a stool and Doris would place our prize on the low table before us, we would see the steam rise off it as we opened up the plantain leaf that waakye and gari is traditionally served in, then the three of us would 'chow down' three hands scooping in and washing it all down with ice, ice cold muscatella.

I'm really pining for Ghana right now, that said the hubby and I did have 'a moment' as we were driving along winding country roads, with a light drizzle coming down,checking out the fabulous british landscape and burnt sienna leaves whilst listening to the stranglers. It was beautiful! But waakye&shitor with Doris and Abigail it ain't!!!!

work in progress


Work in progress


detail of work in progress

detail of work in progress

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