Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Days seem to come and ... go

For the last two weeks I seem to have been chasing my tail. I haven't quite managed to find a rhythm of late. I'm not very good at recognizing when I am simply feeling unwell and so after a week or so of feeling rather sluggish I have come to the conclusion that I haven't really been one hundred percent. Trying to motivate myself to complete my drawings for Premier Pli under these conditions therefore has not been the easiest of tasks, hence my absence here but finally I think the end is near. Pictured here are some photographs of recent drawings/collage work.

I have also spent quite some time listening back to field recordings that hubby and I took on that trip back to Ghana forever ago, searching for material for my audio contribution to Premier Pli. I will be using an incredible recording of Aunty Adelaide singing in the car whilst we journeyed to visit some relatives the other side of town. The sounds of passing traffic, hawkers and the beautiful yet sombre tones of 'Ma' (as we call her back home) singing sets an amazing scene for those both familiar and unfamiliar with her vernacular. I'm very excited about setting to work on that and also really looking forward to getting to work on some sound pieces very soon with my sometimes collaborator/hubby.

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