Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lesson Number One: An Introduction to Kung Fu (Wǔshù)

I loved play fighting when I was a kid. It caused both frustration and utter distress and a hit of adrenaline that I found addictive! My brother, the eldest of my siblings and I is seven years my elder and so as you can imagine, I was somewhat overpowered by him in our death matches. However, I always loved the possibility that one day through my fast action speed or wise and cunning mind that one day, some day I would beat him. For me, this spirit is captured in classic martial arts/kung fu movies.

Now, just for clarification I am NO martial arts movie expert. I say this because I can picture a number of male friends twitching as they read this whilst getting ready to correct my rookie information - don't worry fellas there's no need! It's simply that recently I have been working my way through my beloved video collection, yes I did say - VIDEO! And came across a spectacular double wammy sitting peacefully side by side - Drunken Master and Enter the Dragon.

Hubby and I often have the very important Lee v Chan discussion, for those of you who are not clear that is Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon) v Jackie Chan (Drunken Master), two of martial arts film and stunt giants! On my smug days I definitely favour Lee, with all his brooding moodiness and traditional vengeful characteristics. Lee comes across at the man that will hunt you down come what may, he is serious and there's a hero quality about the parts that he plays that gives you that adrenaline rush like the one I used to get fighting my big brother. But what Lee never, ever EVER does is make me laugh. Enter Mr. Jackie Chan 'The Master'! He's all the things I wanted to be as that girl who so desired to defeat her big brother-he had speed, wit, humour plus all the best moves and a style all of his own.

So whilst hubby was away on our lovely friend Ben's stag week-end, I decided it was my chance to introduce the boys to something new and exciting, something that hubby hasn't yet had the chance to introduce to them already. The last time hubby was away I introduced them to 'The Italian Job' (the original of course!) and hubby was welcomed home by Zach saying 'You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off' (and yes I did feel proud of his first proper film quotation!!!! But did cringe/smile nervously when he kept repeating it in public!!!). So this time, knowing that Enter the Dragon was an 18 certificate and rather too gory and violent (said she!!!) for the boys and not being certain that they were ready for Drunken Master either, I decided to compromise and go for re-make of The Karate Kid starring Mr. Jackie Chan.

We ALL thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching this film! It did have its highs and lows and at one point when my tender boy had tears in his eyes and yelled 'Is Dre ever going to get rid of these bullies or win a fight?' I did begin to wonder if I'd done the right thing in letting them watch it but just the thought of watching Alvin and the Chipmunks - The Squeakquel one more time made me see clearly!

In summary, the outcome of this introduction of Kung fu to my two boys is that they both LOVE Kung fu. Great result! The problem is that all they wanna do is Kung fu! Now, because of my play fighting experience, adrenaline addiction etc the boys know that mummy gets carried away once she starts playing Kung fu, they know that I am quick and relentless and having not resolved the little girl in me that never managed to be defeat big brother, they know that I am vengeful and dangerous! They however do not have the same sense of danger when it comes to their father and so my poor long suffering hubby is now at the receiving end of all the boundless testosterone that is being thrown around our house, heightened by our new favorite past time - Kung fu!!!!

I think I have found my inner boy and you know it's a lot of fun! Next time hubby's away I'm revealing my love of boxing to them, so many great fights to sit and watch together with a cold beer in hand (that's just for me) .... mmmm, perhaps I'm peaking too soon. Well there's always this as a back up!

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