Wednesday, 29 June 2011

cybermummy 2011 - my first blogger's conference.

At the week-end I travelled to London to attend my first bloggers conference 'cybermummy'. Since attending cybermummy I have had no urge to blog at all. This is not because I did not enjoy myself, on the contrary I had a wonderful time. It's merely that I was provided with so much information and context with regard to blogging that it rendered me rather speechless! All of a sudden I am questioning everything that I am writing. This will pass I am sure.

I've never been very good at quick summaries and so I won't attempt one about cybermummy, you can read all about how the day unfolded here and here. What I will talk about is how I came to know about cybermummy. I blogged about an old friend a while ago and mentioned that she was the person to inspire the creation of this blog. Well, thanks to facebook Mama -and more! and I are now back in touch and had been looking for any excuse to meet up after sixteen years passing since our last encounter - which incidentally was my wedding I believe! So I then received an invitation to cybermummy, which was going to involve learning more about blogging, a stay in London without the kids and a reunion with an old friend - perfect!

After a couple of pokes at Mama - and more! to make sure she was real it was back to business of old. I love it when it's just so effortless being in the company of another, especially after sixteen years. Sadly amidst conference chaos I just didn't think to take any proper pics of this very beautiful lady or of our time at the conference, we were too busy scoffing food and carrying off freebies!!! It is fair to say though that a good time was had by all and I am pleased to say that the day was worth the ticket price and I'd definitely do it all again.


  1. How funny, I just wrote a post about friendships and used the same word "effortless" to describe our meeting up again after all these years! I'm saving that post for later in the week - one of the tips from the conference!! xxx

  2. Well you know what they say Zaz, great minds think alike!! Looking forward to reading your post as always honey, oh and good tip!!! xx