Monday, 4 July 2011

Hubby schools me in the art of avant punk

Last night hubby and I were hanging out!! This is SO exciting because the beast that stole my husband has finally released him - the beast in this instance is a reference to the looooong hours he has been 'absent' whilst co-ordinating the production of premier pli and doing a hundred other things. I don't mean to sound embittered, it's just that I actually really like hanging out with my hubby. So anyway, whilst doing just that we started to to listen to music and he started playing me stuff that he thought I might be into but not familiar with and I am pleased to announce that 'I've been schooled y'all'!!! Nisennenmondai is the stuff blowing my mind right now!!!

premier pli will be launched this Friday 8th July 6pm - 8pm at We Are Birmingham, Dale End, Birmingham. I'm really pleased with how the Susie Sue series looks in print, here's a sneak preview.

photo by stuart tonge

photo by stuart tonge

susie sue peeking out - photo by stuart tonge

Like what you see? Well just come on down on friday and have some free booze and get yourself a copy of premier pli for a fiver!!! What a bargain!!! Of course, hubby and I and many of the First Fold Massive will also be there to attend the opening of 'From the Ashes of Industry We Rise' an exhibition of work by the very talented Gareth Courage. Check out Gareth's flickr pages (previous link), he's amazing prolific and his photography is every bit as exciting and mesmerizing as his collage work. In the mean time here's another band I'm crushing on!!!

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