Friday, 15 July 2011

Birthday Season

July is a busy month. Hubby and I cleverly created our two children three years and two days apart, yes - the boys birthdays are two days apart. Plus several friends and my big sis's birthday and a wedding anniversary of very special friends too and about six of eldest boy's class mates. This has meant that I have been making cards and pictures this week in small pockets of time. It also means that we can't eat at the dinner table at the moment because it's my makeshift studio!

Talking of birthdays, this year I told my eldest boy that we wouldn't be having a party like his one at Pizza Express last year (it was fabulous watching ten 5 year olds making their own pizza!!!) I explained that as he is still very young there are plenty more parties to be had just not this year. But then he looked deep into my eyes with his own big brown puppy dog eyes and said: 'I would just like a few friends round to my house to play because I love this house and my family and we could ... just have cake!'. My heart melted and as a result next saturday I will have 8 children running through and around my little house and garden ... six of them boys, one fabulous punk rock girlie but definite tomboy and my youngest boy who I've now named 'Roadrunner'. It will be fun I'm sure!!! Oh, and not wanting to get into any full on discussions about gender politics in children but I'm getting REALLY bored of the 'I'm so glad I've got a girl/s, I can't imagine how awful/stressful/busy/manic it will be with that many boys in your house ... guffaw guffaw'!!!! And breathe ... yep, that one's been building for a while ... perhaps more thoughts on that in another post.

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