Thursday, 7 July 2011

Summer Daze and Butterfly Dance ...

Today is one of those days where I feel that I ought to be doing more than I seem to be achieving. The sky is blue and yet I am in too hazy a state to up and open the door and let the garden and fresh air in ... instead I keep looking up from the screen and glancing through the large expanse of see thru glass that leads me to my back yard. I keep watch as the apple tree moves a little in the wind, she is heavy with swelling apples that bob up and down as the breeze intensifies. Bliss. Pure bliss. There is silence as the boy sleeps on. I already anticipate the feeling as I reach for him out of his bed, all warm and with a hint of summer clamminess, coiling himself into my torso. Bliss. Pure bliss. Yellow flowers arranged in a simple vase by my mother - a gift, catch my eye, screaming at me as they steal my attention. I stare into them desperately trying to remember their name?? They resemble a cross between a wild iris and a foxglove species. I'll ask mother another day. She will smile a big smile amused that I never retain these things. Bliss. Pure bliss.

I think of making strawberry lemonade ... perhaps another day, as somehow it's nearly time to go and I must fetch the other boy and wake the one I mentioned just. Strawberry lemonade must wait, in the mean time enjoy the butterfly dance, somehow it's such a fitting day for it. Bliss. Pure bliss.