Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How To Follow And Comment On A Blog Post

please, please follow my blog 2011

I often mention to hubby that I only have Twelve followers. Hubby tells me that the amount of followers that I have should not trouble me and that I should continue doing 'my thing'. 'Yes, you're right' I say. But the problem is when I visit other blogs, sometimes as I am browsing I take a subconscious look at the amount of followers that a blog has. It is completely unintentional yet I look all the same. And yes, sometimes it has a bearing. There is some subtle nudge to follow a blog that others have already deemed worthy enough to follow.

I don't always like to admit it but yes I believe I am quietly competitive. My eldest sister confirmed this around a year ago when we went running together. Soon after that run she called our other sister to announce 'the wrong sister went into sales', apparently it should have been me! Not true, I'm rubbish at maths but I guess there was some truth in what big sis said. So, having recognized that streak within myself and having come away from Cybermummy a little more fired up plus many of you out there insisting that you DO read my blog but can't understand how to 'follow' it - here's an idiot's guide to following and commenting on mine or any other blog.

How to Follow

To Follow this blog, look to the right of the page... you'll see a collection of "followers" with little square pictures of peoples' faces. Right above that, you'll see a google icon and a button that says "follow". Click the follow button. Here is where it gets tricky. You must have a google, twitter, AIM, Netlog, OpenID, or yahoo account to sign into if you want to follow. Most people have one of these, so click on the one you use most. If you don't have any of these accounts, you can create a google account. Click on the google icon and it will take you to a page that says sign in OR create account (at the bottom). Fill out the form and create a google email account and password. Once finished, you will be a public follower of the blog.

Why Follow?

Following is the best way for the blogger to know that you are reading their blog. Sometimes people like to remain anonymous, but I think it's best to let someone know that you reading what they post.

How to Comment

Commenting on a post is something that can be tricky to figure out but it is a great way to communicate with the blogger. At the bottom of each post there is a hyperlink that says "comment (s)". Click on it. If you are not logged into the account that you are "following" under, you will need to sign in. After you have signed in, type your comment in the comment box. You may also have to retype a word that is hard to read or in a strange font. This is to make sure that you are a person and not a computer trying to put spammy comments on the blog. Now you can get started, I'd love to hear from you folks!!!!


  1. Well this post is definitely worthy of a comment! I know exactly what you mean - sometimes it can feel a little disheartening to not have any feedback at all on your posts, like talking into the air, and other it doesn't matter one iota as long as you're happy with your output. These days I do look longingly at not just followers but number of comments, but try not to get hung up on it! Xx

  2. I completely agree, my view changes like the wind! Audience is hugely important ... for me there's always a desire buried within to share even some of my most secret or treasured thoughts and experiences ... in any case mother always told me it's rude not to share xxx

  3. Oh, I so know what you mean..sometimes I know I'm talking to thin air, writing utter poo, and wonder what the hell I'm doing? Of course you want to share your talent (and you are incredibly talented!) but It's so hard not to get caught up with the ratings game. I'm not a "pushy" blogger so I guess that's my problem. I just hope people like what they read and follow. I'm not in it to make anything, and like mama-andmore says as long as you're happy with it it shouldn't matter. I read a lot of blogs when I have time, some are dire and I can't understand how they have so many "followers". Sounds like I'm bitchin'...I'm not, just incredibly jealous!!

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  5. Hey Katy, I just thought, another good thing to do would be to add a "subscribe by email" option to your blog - unless you have it here and I am being totally blind?? Sometimes people don't get to visit fave blogs as often as they'd like to - I am definitely a culprit as you may have guessed! xx

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