Saturday, 5 November 2011


I love having a blog, I love the momentum of it. I love the restlessness I feel when I haven't been able to get here for a while and the sense of satisfaction once I am able to return. I love that the blog is a significantly different experience to the diary that I obsessively wrote for many years, in particular before having my children although after their arrival too albeit in a substantially quieter fashion. I love the fact that the writing that appears here on the blog is also different to my creative journals that often involve lots of writing too but that generally describe creative approaches, processes and ideas, notes taken from reading and more theory based research. Above all, I love the fact that even if I am writing complete twaddle, I am actually writing and fairly regularly too. If like myself, you're one of those people whose ideas are generated most effectively by using writing as the starting point, then you will appreciate both my joy when I succeed and my utter discomfort when I fail in this.

This month is National Blog Posting Month otherwise known as NaBloPoMo at BlogHer which I have recently discovered. In actual fact my discovery is a little late as I have already missed a few days and the idea is to write a blog post every day for the whole month of November. It's quite a challenge, one which I doubt I will conquer daily but I have been thinking recently that I'd like to be blogging more regularly and with a little less self imposed restrictions, for now at least, these feelings change and are often greatly affected by time, energy and my current interests. Plus, if I'm honest I love being set a little bit of homework ... Happy NaBloPoMo!

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