Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday morning ....

You know that feeling when you really ought to be getting on with a task and you start off okay but then an hour or so into it you kinda drift off and away. Well that's me today. It surely does feel like monday morning!

I started off looking at old slides (yep that's how dated some of my work is!) of some installation work of mine, then looked at my last installation piece and began sketches for something new. A performance piece finally. Perhaps? I don't know. I'm thinking fabric, chalk, charcoal, stitching, floor, repetition as ingredients but in what order is still to be decided. I need a space, you know those great old industrial spaces. I need a film maker to document the installation and me performing in the space. I need balls to face this stuff and make it happen. It's really not that hard! So why have I been instagram-ing photos of a vintage car show I went to all those months ago when the sun was still shining? Did I mention that I know nothing about cars? I know nothing about cars but I LOVE Triumphs!!! My dad had a Triumph when we were kids, a blue one. Perhaps that's why they make me feel a funny combo of nostalgia and melancholy. Perhaps? Lots of perhap's today. Lots.

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