Monday, 19 December 2011

Walking in the woods

After a few hours pottering around in our pyjamas on saturday morning, a little bit of crazy descended upon our home and the boys got really ... hectic. This was seriously exacerbated by hubby waking from his lie-in, making a 'real' coffee (Ethiopian - Strength 4/5) and then play fighting with the boys. You see hubby finished up at work on friday, so the unwinding has begun. My home, my haven, my workplace, my studio, my place was swarmed by them and their 'crazy'!!!! Already beginning to feel a little tight in the chest at this holiday atmosphere and knowing that I have to keep my little one's energized for an extra few days (they don't break up till wednesday????? MEAN!!!) I suggested a trip to the woods. Our new favourite place, remember?

Hubby and I are both so taken by it that we are both planning performance pieces and short films at this location. Here are some photos I took of this beautiful place on our doorstep. Who would think the city was so close by! I will be returning to the woods very soon with a dear friend of mine and a very talented Artist. It will be our first collaborative venture and to say I am excited is to say the very least.

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Stunning pics Katy, really beautiful. Good luck with the "crazy" times, you know you love it! And if you need some escape you know where I am! xx

  2. Thank you Zazou for your kind words. I'm definitely going to escape to come and see you! I'll get to see you again honey and a newborn too, perfect!!! Btw, just discovered your 'petite & pregnant ... what to wear' blog and it's fantastic!!!! Love the insight into the fashion side of you! Would be wonderful to see more ... well, if there were more hours in the day of course!