Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Love is ....

Today was the boys last day of term and so we are now all officially on holiday. Getting two children up, fed, dressed and out and walked to school/nursery is not rocket science but as the term progresses and each of us grows increasingly tired, antsy, irritable etc is becomes harder and harder to do. So, of course by default this weary time also happens to be the very time whereby an opportunity has presented itself and after all my weeks and months of coulda, woulda, shoulda tomorrow I will be making a short film of a new performance piece. I have a vague idea of what I will do and what I will use but nothing concrete. I am hoping this will bode well. I am trying to focus on this being the beginning of a process. More on this as it unfolds, although if you hear nothing, that will be my 'shame' speaking for me!

In the mean time I am soaking up every little bit of love and kindness showered over me today by a dear friend who sent me the most delightful package! I spilt open and shared some very private thoughts and feelings with her recently and she listened and really heard me .... This is love.

N.B Many of my loved one's buy me fake birds, stuffed, chirping, all sorts. I love fake birds! I have never announced to anyone that I love fake birds although birds have appeared with some frequency in my collage work and drawings. What amazes me is that my fake bird kind of a collection is hidden away in my bedroom where none of these people know that it exists, which is why it is even more lovely and charming that these lovely people keep adding to the collection!

My beautiful and shiny new Fake Bird

I love earrings as much as Fake Birds!

All singing Fake Bird from big sis last x'mas

Detail of jewellery box from hubby

My singing Fake Bird with cage

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